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Jacoby 1 year | Lansing Michigan Child Photographer

Jacoby is on the go!!

I cannot believe this baby boy is 1.

He is very special to me because he was my very first baby planner of many i now have.

I photographed Jacoby’s newborn session on my own actual due date for my daughter.

And i did his 1 year exactly 1 year to the date.

So much has changed! One snuggly little baby to one busy and curious boy on the run.

It has been such an honor to watch him grow and change

He has always been such a serious little man. So i LOVE the silly faces in the wash tub at the end of the post

I get to see him again at his 2 year and i bet he will look like a completely different little man.

Happy 1 Year Jacoby!!


Big Brother came along for his close up too!

Fall Mini Sessions | Michigan Photographer Michigan Photography

It’s that time again!!!

Mini Sessions

October 12th & 13th






Location information will be sent during booking.

Location will take place within one of the surrounding communities to Charlotte.

For Pricing and Booking information please contact me at

*Please do not send messages through Facebook.

Session Fee’s are due at the time of Booking to hold your spot on the Schedule

Thankful for You | Michigan Child Photography Michigan Photographer

Husband and wife

Photos by Jessica Vaughn Photography

About 6 years ago i was riding in the car with my husband.

I was at that time enrolled in Lansing Community College studying Sign Language to become an interpreter.

I LOVED Sign Language. But i just kept feeling that wasn’t really where i was suppose to be.

I was bending Jeremy’s ear about the future as i snapped photos out the window with my point and shoot.

I was obsessing at that moment over this really awesome bridge we were going over.

I said “I just don’t know what i want to be when i grow up”

And his response “You should be a photographer with all the photos you take”

I spun around in my seat and totally punched him in the arm.


And a dream was born.

It made complete sense. I was always the one with the camera at every event.

I was always photographing something EVERY. DAY. No lying.

And so i changed my major and on i went towards my dream.

The road has been long for me.

Lots of photographers have established businesses in a couple years.

Mine has taken for what seems like eternity to get to the point of where i feel like “HEY i have an actual legit business here”

I just struggled in so many ways to find my way. I blame it on my A.D.H.D. seriously.

I am always learning, growing and changing. I am constantly seeking ways to make things better.

But i finally feel less like a starting out business and more like a legit establishment.

And it feels amazing.

And i never could have ever reached this spot without the AWESOME support of SO SO many people.

Everyone who let me practice on their babies and give them horrible electric orange photos of their kids.

Those who let me fumble with my flash and take 18 of the same photo at a wedding to figure out what the heck i was doing.

My professors who knew what a complete mess i was and yet gently but firmly guided me towards the light.

I am thankful.

I am thankful for you.

My children are thankful for you too.

They don’t realize it yet, but they will.

Because of you i can stay home with them.

I can home school them.

I can take them to get ice cream and visit the zoo.

They can be in dance and T-ball if they want to.

And thats because of you too!

Because of your support of my small business.

Today my fanpage hit 3,000 fans.

It may not be a big deal to some people but to me it felt like i had been validated in some secret way of YES you are a true business kind of thing.

I try to wake up every day thankful for this business and talent that God has given to me.

I try to use it to bless others in any way i can.

I know my journey is really just starting in some ways and i am extremely excited for the future of this!

So, from the bottom of my totally swelled up super happy puffy heart

I thank YOU.

(And so does this bunch)

Dad and his kids on the beach

Photo by Jessica Vaughn Photography